July 18-21, 2019 - Eli Field - Monticello, Illinois

999 Iron Horse Lane - Monticello, Illinois  61856

XFCv2 welcomes Horizon Hobby Distributors as our 2019 Anchor Sponsor

International Pilots: To particpate, contact your Team Captain

See contact info on the International Team page

XFCv2 Big Raffle



 HAVOC SS      A "one of a kind" custom EA/XFCv2 scheme.  A $5500.00 value.    You could win this through the HUGE XFCv2 Raffle!! 

Elite Aerosports


 JAG RC has graciously donated a set of custom engraved electric retracts for the HAVOC SS.  You can win both with one ticket! 



Stay tuned for more huge raffle items!

More Coming

Stay tuned for more huge raffle items!

XFCv2 Competition Format

  • This is an entirely new format for R/C competition, and we feel it will bring a new interest into our sport!

  • Each team consists of a percentage & number of applicant pilots.  The team members will selected by a United States and International Committee respectively.  The application closing date is Nov. 30, 2018

  • We want everyone to have a chance to participate, so contact your respective Team Captains.   The team selection process will be finalized after the application closing date. You can fly in 2 class categories maximum for your respective teams.

  • Each team will have a chance to win their particular category. At the end, the highest placing overall team will be declared XFCv2 TEAM CHAMPIONS.

  • The highest placing competitor from either team in their category will be declared the CATEGORY CHAMPION.

  • The highest overall of the  3 "Category Champions" will be declared the XFCv2 Grand Champion!!      

  • One Individual competitor from either side could win 3 times.  Team, Individual and Overall Champion!   

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