Freestyle Confirmed Pilots


Jorge Berra - Mexico
Martin Brandmuller  - Austria
Antonio DeSouza - USA
Jase Dussia - USA
Aaron Garle - Australia
Chris Gini - USA
JJ Hedrick - USA
Harel Koriat - Israel
Bryant Mack - USA
Tyler McCormack - USA
Austin Morris - USA
Spencer Nordquist - USA
Santiago Perez - USA
Kal Reifsnyder - USA
Sacha Cecconi - Italy

Ashleigh Heath
Juan Sanchez
Rhett Lambert

Senior TOC Competitors

 Bill Cunningham
Don Szczur
Mike Klein -confirmed
Mike McConville - confirmed
Mark Radcliff
Frank Noll -confirmed
Todd Blose
Bill Hemple
Chris Lakin
Christophe Paysant-LeRoux
Dave Brown
Dave Patrick
Dave Von Linsowe
Dean Koger
Dean Pappas
Geoff Combs
Greg Marsden
Guichi Naruke
Hanno Prettner
Ivan Kristensen
Jeff Tracy
Peter Goldsmith
Peter Wessels
Quique Somenzini
Steve Nelson
Steve Rojecki
Steve Stricker
Tony Frackowiak
Wolfgang Matt  

The Invitational

Check out this great video created by Manuel Santos!

A joint venture between the XFC and CC Invitational

The Invitational

The XFC would like to thank all the competitors and sponsors that have supported the event throughout the years.  Without your generous support, it would not have survived for 16 years.  We thank you, and would like to solicit your  continued support for this new competition venture.